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Afghan Mediastick

Afghan Mediastick

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Language: Dari, Pashto
Dari and Afghan Pashto USB Flashdrive for both Cellphone/Mobile and Computer, containing many Hope4Afghans materials including Scriptures, Testimonies, Christian Movies and other videos, Radio Teaching and Books. 1788 files! Simpler than the Superstick, this is a writable 32Gb USB stick which is half filled with Afghan Christian Content and has usable blank space too. It can be reformatted to use as a 32Gb blank stick if prefered. USB C and USB A connectors, on a slider. The USB A also flaps-up to reveal a Micro USB option for older devices! Hole for attaching to keyring. Hope4Afghans branded. Also works on iPhone if you buy an adapter (lightning to USB A is best) (For larger quantities or other connection-types please get in touch).
  • Works in Computers+Android phones
  • Video Testimonies, Scriptures, Audio
  • 32Gb with 16Gb preloaded
  • 1,788 items in Dari and Pashto
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