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Hope4Afghans cards - 200 French/Dari

Hope4Afghans cards - 200 French/Dari

امید برای افغان‌ها 
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Language: Dari, French
A pack of 200 "Hope for Afghans" business cards. These popular and well-received cards direct people to the Hope4Afghans website or Facebook as a gateway for the various Afghan ministry sites produced by Pamir Ministries and key partners. The cards also show a phone number for Afghans to connect with our Afghan Christian team for fellowship and discipleship. As an alternative to purchasing cards here, we offer the cards as two image downloads in JPEG format so that you have the option to print them yourself. The JPEGs contain sufficient bleed (margins) to permit simple upload to Vistaprint or similar card-printing service in your country.
  • Pack of 200 cards
  • Dari language on front
  • French language on back
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