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YousafZai Pashto Bible - Pakistani Dialect

YousafZai Pashto Bible - Pakistani Dialect

کِتابِ مقدس د پاکستان په (يوسفزئ) پښتو کښې 
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Hardcover Bible
Language: Pashto - Pakistan
There are over 50 million Pashtuns in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the diaspora. The majority is living along the Pakistan-Afghan border. The Pashto Yousafzai dialect is widely spoken and understood in Pakistan. There has not been a full Bible in their language for over 130 years. The last 25 years we only had the 1996 version of the New Testament in a mix of Pakistani and Afghan Pashto. Special presentation copy with gilded-edged pages is available. See PPPB-0536.
  • Beautiful cover design
  • Including concordance, 2 ribbons
  • Hardcover 122mm x 183 mm
  • 2200 Pages
PPPB-0534    ISBN: 978969250923
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