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Pashto New Testament - PNT (pocket) 1996

Pashto New Testament - PNT (pocket) 1996

انجيل شريف يعنى د مالک عيسى مسيح زيرى 
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Language: Pashto - Pakistan
1996 translation - a mixed / general dialect of Pashto. On 40 gram paper with 350 gram card cover (210 grams). Please note - low stock in North America. This translation is deprecated in favour of the 2022 YusufZai Pashto Bible and the Afghan Pashto translation for which an NT is anticipated in 2023. See 2022 revised version Pakistani YousafZai Pashto NT - PPPB-0549 Only shipping to Europe. We may refuse North American orders or request further payment to cover shipping costs.
  • Good News / NIV Level
  • Pocket-size edition
  • Blue cover with gold writing
  • Old 1996 Translation
  • 617 Pages
PAPB-0094    ISBN: 9783945779682
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